FitBoxr Resistance Trainer

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Fitboxr Resistance Trainer –  A unique 3-in-1 training system for improving posture, strength and mobility. Use FITBOXR Resistance Trainer as an exercise tool or wear it during your workout to ensure a correct posture. Developed by top trainers, coaches and athletes, this high-powered training and recovery tool can help combat future injury, eliminate post-workout cramps and pains, and maximize performance in a wide scope of athletic activities. There is no training tool better suited for developing proper body mechanics and developing upper-body strength.



  • 3-in-1 use: Stretch, Exercise & Posture
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Moisture-wicking and water-resistant
  • Unobtrusive ergonomic design, the adjustable double pull straps under the armpits can better fit the body and can be adjusted easily according to individual needs.
  • Made of lightweight and breathable polyester material, which is helpful to keep your body from getting overheated and sweaty.
  • It is easy to put on yourself, without requiring assistance from someone else.
  • It's good for people with all kinds of back and spinal problems and helps naturally align your muscles and spine.
  • Sizes: Small: Fits most women, children, and small frame people / Large: Fits most adult males / XXX-L: Extremely large adult males.


By wearing the Fitboxr on a regular basis, the user can create a sense of muscle memory, as the brain will start directing better posture long after the Fitboxr is removed. This can have a major impact on reducing the problems of shoulder pain and tight pectorals, and limiting the risk of more serious injuries.

The mechanical action of the newly trained muscle groups acts upon your skeletal system to reverse the forward “tug-of-war” accountable for bad posture, which draws your spine back into its correct alignment. The realigning effect of the FITBOXR Resistance Trainer can be seen & felt immediately. Most people stand-up taller & straighter immediately after the very first use.

Fitboxr - Posture


Fitboxr Resistance Bands are lightweight, no-nonsense additions to your exercise program. They fit easily in a gym bag pocket and you can bring all your resistance levels with you when traveling. All Fitboxr Resistance Bands are made from industrial strength natural latex rubber, and include an inner safety cord for extra security. Customers can order the bands best suited to their needs, whether you just want a better way to stretch in your home gym, or to fully equip a large training facility with a variety of bands for multiple uses, including:

- Prehabilitation & Rehabilitation

- Flexibility Exercises

- Stretching

- General Conditioning

- Speed & Agility Training

- Strength Development


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