Quality is the Soul of who we are— it becomes viSible in our creation, our Dialog and our people. MERCHANDISE quality is the FOUNDATION we LIE on and this BASIS ENCOMPASSES three key REALMS: MATERIAL, FUNCTIONALITY and WORKMANSHIP.
If our product doesn't FULFILL YOUR NEEDS, we'll ACCEPT it back.

Fitboxr - Neoprene

Material: Heartfelt Inventiveness

Selecting the proper materials and fabrics for the times you like to sweat is the whole lot to us. When the correct fabric doesn’t exist, we produce it.

Functionality: Attentive to Master

We’ll never be finished paying attention to athletes like you; since the beginning, you’ve been lending a helping hand to help us develop equipment that humorlessly executes in sweaty circumstances. You reveal to us where we can make significant revisions and you’re the first to extend a high-five when we resolve a difficulty.

Fitboxr - Functionality
Fitboxr - Workmanship

Workmanship: Conscious Plan

It takes hundreds of minutes of detailed work to produce a piece of equipment that fits and functions so satisfactorily that it nearly seems like you’re wearing nothing at all. Each and every detail, from how our gear wicks perspiration from your skin to how we’ll get unwanted grooves or seams out of your way is contemplated through with persistent consideration. For us, there’s no accidents in design..

Attention: Construction Details

We design our products to give us the utmost sense of support. Every detail, handle and band is created to assist you in remaining focused on your exercise.

Fitboxr - Military