Assembly & Care

1x Resistance Trainer Harness
2x Resistance Bands
Attach Straps
Insert Velcro Tips Through Plastic Loops and Close.
Step 2: 
Clip Aluminum Carabiners Into the Middle Loop at Top and Bottom.
Cleaning Your Fitboxr
Hand Wash & Hang Dry
Clean with water Only. Do not use chemicals or soap. Bands should be replaced every 6 months or earlier with extreme use.
Getting To Know Your FITBOXR
The FITBOXR is a wearable fitness device. Failure to follow proper Safety and inspection procedures can lead to possible serious personal Injury.
  • Use the FITBOXR only with approved FITBOXR products.
  • Do not wrap the FITBOXR bands around any part of your body.
  • LATEX warning. Resistance Bands are composed from latex.
  • Only use FITBOXR Resistance bands with the harness.
  • Never Stretch bands more then 2.5x.
  • No Children under 14 can use without adult supervision.
  • Do not use FITBOXR for anything except exercise.
First Time Use
How to put on and take off your FITBOXR.
  • The Fitboxr is designed to put on with both arms overhead. Inspect bands for any wear and replace as needed.
  • Adjust straps so arm openings are as large as possible.
  • Position harness so you can read “FITBOXR” and place both hands through the straps simultaneously.
  • Pull the harness over your head and raise arms to slide harness into position.
  • Pull harness down so it fits correctly and tighten straps.
Find Your Fit.
  • Individual Fit: The FITBOXR Resistance Trainer allows for adjustments to fit your individual body type.
  • Longer Arms: For Longer Arms, Adjust Carabiner Clips to the Forward positions on the upper and Lowe harness loops.
  • Shorter Arms: For Shorter arms adjust carabiner clips to the back positions on the upper and lower harness loops.
  • TIP: Do not use these adjustments for the intention of increasing resistance. Purchase next level bands at FITBOXR.COM
How To Not Put It On
We recommend that you avoid putting on the FITBOXR on like a backpack. Do not try to put on with one arm at time or with the straps unattached.