Quick Start Guide

Fitboxr Resitance Trainer

Assembly & Care


1x Resistance Trainer Harness
2x Resistance Bands

Attach Straps

Insert Velcro Tips Through Plastic Loops and Close.
Step 2: 
Clip Aluminum Carabiners Into the Middle Loop at Top and Bottom.

Cleaning Your Fitboxr

Hand Wash & Hang Dry
Clean with water Only. Do not use chemicals or soap. Bands should be replaced every 6 months or earlier with extreme use.

Getting To Know Your FITBOXR

The FITBOXR is a wearable fitness device. Failure to follow proper Safety and inspection procedures can lead to possible serious personal Injury.

First Time Use

How to put on and take off your FITBOXR.


Find Your Fit.

How To Not Put It On

We recommend that you avoid putting on the FITBOXR on like a backpack. Do not try to put on with one arm at time or with the straps unattached.
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